First Post: Check!

Blogging is something I’ve always wanted to try. Not that I’m really good at writing stuffs and all that, I just love the feeling of expressing myself in words. Whether it’s writing on my journal or answering an English essay, I find this activity enjoyable and most of the time, uplifting. For someone who really loves to (read and) write, this (blogging) is something I shouldn’t miss, right?

So here am I, writing my first blog or post (or whatever you call this) and  wishing that I’m doing it right. The reason why I also want to start blogging is because I know that I will learn a lot from this experience, or from each and every post I publish (am I using the right terms?) and from the ones I read from different bloggers online.

I’ll try to post on a regular basis as much as I can or respond to the Daily Prompt (the first article I’ve read on is a response to the Daily Prompt so I’m pretty interested about it).

‘Till the next post! 🙂



Let me hear your thoughts, too. :)

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