Dropping By

It’s been awhile since my first and, I regret to say this, also last post. I haven’t done anything yet with this blog.

During the time I created this, I had a vision that this will be my home. A place where I can do what I want, say what I want or- to be more specific, write what I want.

Unfortunately, as with the other things I thought I can do with my life, I failed.

Should I continue writing this blog or not?


2 thoughts on “Dropping By

  1. I just read through your various posts, and enjoyed them. I’m glad you chose to continue. Sometimes it’s slow going getting started, but I’ve found blogging to be a great experience for two reasons: 1) it helps me clear up jumbled thoughts in my head about any given subject, and 2) I get to meet people from all walks of life, like a window opened to worlds I’d never otherwise behold.

    Keep up the good work! (I popped over from Opinionated Man’s meet-n-greet thread.)

    • Thanks! I really appreciate your words of encouragement (hope you don’t find this “too deep” for a comment). Anyway, I’ll sure stay and keep posting all my thoughts and learn from it and enjoy it at the same time. Have a good day!

Let me hear your thoughts, too. :)

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