Amazing Greyzed

Still following Blogging 101, Zero to Hero! And I’m in Day Five: Love Your Theme.

So I tried more than 10 themes, I think, on my blog. And here’s my final pick (the one you are seeing right now). Actually, what I really wanted is this theme. It fits my mood and my site title once I tried it. I just couldn’t afford the price. Too bad. 😦

Anyway, I decided to use this theme in the end. It looks good and I like the notebook-style of the pages or posts. It makes me feel like I am just writing to my journal once again.

I had a journal when I was in High School where I put all my essay-like thoughts about what’s happening in school, in the country and in the world. (So you could imagine all the misspelled words and grammatically incorrect sentences there were.) I did that to train myself because I used to dream of becoming a journalist before. I wanted to write things that people find will useful, educating or just plain humorous. Those that will make people smile even for a second. However, I chose a different path in college. Thanks to WordPress, I can continue that dream.

P.S. Thank you for creating this theme for free, The Forge Web Creations ! Waiting for more cool themes.

♥ Jill


Let me hear your thoughts, too. :)

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