Why Dear John Has Always Been My Favorite from Mr. Sparks

So I am in Day Nine now, which is about writing something that inspired my About Me page.

After scanning that page, I choose to share how I fell in love with the book Dear John by Nicholas Sparks.

This book, is not the first book I have read from Mr. Nicholas Sparks (still waiting the day I would get the chance to shake hands with this man (highly ambitious, am I?)) If I remember it correctly, the first one was A Walk to Remember and the second one was The Notebook- the most popular ones of course. But even I, ask myself, why? Of all the Nicholas Sparks novels that made me cry, everytime someone asks me which was my favorite, Dear John would come up as my answer.

I would like to take this opportunity to search my head for an answer.

I’ve got this book from our school’s main library, in the newly purchased books section. It’s in the librarian’s (also turned my best friend for four years) desk. And it was first in the line. So for anyone who will go to the library and look at that section will notice it immediately. So I grab the book for a quick reading. I was initially hooked to read the novel because of its teaser :

“Dear John,” the letter read…and with those two words, a heart was broken and two lives were changed forever.

Interesting, I thought. With just that one sentence, I committed myself to finish the book for three days ( in between home works and reviews ). I will not go into details about the story since it was four years ago since I’ve read it. And this is not a book review, anyway.

There was something about John’s love for Savannah that touched my heart. Unconditional love. He gave, even the last thing that connects him and his father, for her. He sold his father’s collections of coin for the medical bills of her (Savannah’s) son, without informing her. The fact that they were not together that time. And at the moment where he was just contented with looking at her from the outside of her house, I really felt his sincerity and all. I believe it was also the scene where this line was written :

“I finally understood what true love meant…love meant that you care for another person’s happiness more than your own, no matter how painful the choices you face might be.”

Some people may hate the ending as it was not the fairy-tale like happy endings we are used to. But to me, it’s the ending that made it priceless. It”s the marked of how great the author was because even though it was a sad ending, he wrote it that way. Not thinking of whether readers will like it the way he ends it. He just, well, put a period and ends the story, making a thousand readers cry for more. I even thought of writing to the author that time, I’m just not that talented when it comes to finding the best way for my letter to reach him.

All in all, I never regretted reading the book. Sometimes, you need to read something that will make you realize life is not all about happy endings and all. That it’s worth feeling the pain if it mean’s the happiness of someone you love.

Or not? Don’t ask me. I haven’t fallen in love yet.


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