10 Random [Whats] Answers

Just wanna try to join with this random thingies. Since my posts were really random ever since, I feel like I belong to this activity. A random post-er. So, instead of commenting on the post, I’d like to post my answers.

1. What makes it possible for spiders to crawl on ceilings?

Well, what I know is that they have this nut-shaped muscle on the lower left of their stomach that serves as their weapon which counters the earth’s gravitational pull. (Don’t even think of researching this one, I made it up, ‘kay?)

2. What if vegetables were the best tasting thing on earth and chocolate tasted horrible?

Does this question mean that chocolate is the best tasting thing on earth and that vegetables tasted horrible? (Yes, I think so.) I love vegetables so let’s skip this question as I cannot force myself for an answer.

3. What time is it when the rooster crows?

If you’re asking about our rooster, it’s around 4 in the morning. I am very positive on this. However, if you’re asking about our neighbor’s rooster, it’s almost around 7 in the morning. Completely unreliable, right? What’s the point of crowing when nearly everyone’s already awake at that time of the day! “Something’s really wrong with that rooster”, my father would always say. (I will stop here because if I continue, it would be too long.)

4. What do you get when you cross an elephant with a duck?

What the-! (Next question please!)

5. What if our noses were upside down? Would we drown when it rains?

Definitely not. Because if that were the case, someone else might have already invented something that will prevent that from happening. Like how caps are created for our head. I just don’t know how we will look wearing something to cover our nose. I wonder how fashionistas can create a signature accessory for a nose cover.

6. What is the most magical thing ever?

Fireflies. They are magical beings and any moment spend with them is magical.

7. What colour is the sky in your world?

What do you mean? It’s blue, isn’t it? Do you mean to say you’re from a different world? ARE YOU AN ALIEN OR WHAT?

8. What is shiny, has four wheels and flies in the summer?

Summerflies with wheels. (I have no idea, in short)

9. What was the first word you ever read?

I’ll ask my mother first. She might know since she’s the one who first taught me how to read.

10. What makes the world go ’round?

My science teacher will kill me if I got this one wrong. Ok. *slowly rise from the chair and start to speak in a very Hermione-like tone* It’s because of the sun’s gravitational pull which makes the earth rotate and the very reason why we can actually live in here. It sort of what balances everything. Since the sun gives heat through sunlight and all, the earth’s rotation helps in cooling down the temperature.

Thanks, LindaGHill !


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