About Comments, Commenting and the Interruptions In Between

I am doing the Blogging 101 per day (but not every day), simultaneously. If I can do two tasks at the same day, I take the opportunity and do that because it’s not everyday that I get the chance to open a computer and access the internet. So for today, I’m in Day Twelve. (Yay! Can you believe that?!) The phase may seem too slow if you will look at the actual calendar but to me, this is an achievement, already. Not the type of achievement which includes getting an award, this is an achievement in its own sense because… because… I did it.

Well, the next assignment is posting about one of the comments I’ve made on other posts and link that blog. Since I didn’t really follow Day Eleven, I scanned the comments I’ve made so far and to choose the one that I would like to write and expand. Choosing one is hard not because there are many choices but because I only made a few comments so far. I’m really not a commentor, if you asked me, in this blogosphere. I still don’t trust myself enough to comment on a strong post. Not that I’m afraid in giving my opinions or what-nots. Just when I type in my comment for some very interesting posts that I read and then suddenly, it wouldn’t go through. I know I’m confusing you. To make things clear, it is not all the time our landlady’s (I am renting a space in the metro) WiFi is turned on. Sometimes, it’s too slow. Sometimes, it will only allow you to Like a page, type in your comment but not actually Post it. You can imagine my frustration. I would type in:

To The Honking Goose post about the environment,

I feel the same way. I do have my own little ways in promoting the conservation of the Earth’s resources. The hardest thing is, I can’t even encourage my friends to do same. 😦

However, when I clicked Post, the connection got interrupted. Same thing happened when I saw a post from the crafty lady in combat boots on October 16, 2014, For all the dog lovers…

I would like to print this right away when I go home in our province. My father would love this. I will just need to translate it in our dialect which will make it more funny. 😀

But it didn’t went through! Same thing happened to the following post that I’ve read..

Blending the Senses With Art and Music post made by annotated audrey art really is worth commenting, I was about to say :

I will do try this! I have always been bullied by my older brother and sister because both of them somehow inherited an artistic fibre in their body, which I didn’t. I’ve always been a frustrated artist. Let me try this while designing the print for my shirt. 🙂

See? These are only three, I am telling you, I’ve had many. I could have commented but was forced to remain silent because of the bad connection. And I don’t have the right to complain because, well, I am just sharing from someone else’s. Maybe, I will find a way. Or maybe, it’s time to listen to the other voice inside saying, “Work hard. Earn money. Enjoy Life. Make History.” In short, “Don’t be a… a… *tut* (the word is just too bad, I deleted it.)

However, I admit that there are also some posts that I feel were too strong for me. I’d hear myself saying, who are you to give an opinion to such topic? You’re not even an expert.

On the other hand, I don’t feel commenting if all I could say is Nice! or Great Post! or Awesome!, one or two words are, for me, a waste of parchment. Or better yet, a waste of internet access.

Are you still reading? (Good Lord!) You must be very patient…

JIll ♥

NOTE: This is an attempt to respond at least to the task at hand. You are free to criticize me on every word or phrase, as what I would have commented on A Writer’s Path‘s post about handling criticism :

I do take criticism seriously but in a positive way. Also, as long as the person who will pinpoint the wrong stuffs I’ve written will also tell me how to correct it. Or how to improve it. I hate people who only say “you’re wrong” but doesn’t tell you which part.

So do your part!


11 thoughts on “About Comments, Commenting and the Interruptions In Between

  1. I do agree with feeling like I need to offer something more substantial than “Good post!” or “I agree!”. I feel like I have something proper to offer before I decide to comment, but then I think of how nice it is to receive blog comments, even those that just say “Good job!” It really brightens my day so I’m trying more to comment! I hope you work out your internet situation soon! 🙂

  2. On Internet Connection Issues: I access the blogosphere through my phone a lot, so sometimes I have to rely on 3G, which really sucks. There is nothing like a terrible internet connection to ruin my day.
    On your comment to my post: Don’t let your artistic siblings get you down. I have two sisters that are really into drama and acting, while I am not so much because I am shy. Just explore your own creative spirit and you will be rewarded by the result!
    Continue being artistic and awesome!

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