Experiments (With some help from Blogging 101)

I’ve been experimenting on different themes since yesterday and I end up with this Crafty theme. I love pastel colors, this girly side of me is begging the boyish side of me to click the activate button. Somebody had to surrender. Since your reading this post on blog, I guess you already know which among my two sides prevailed.

I figured out how much I like it after adding some widgets on the sidebar. I was doing the Blogging 101 yesterday and I’m in Day Thirteen which is about Building a Better Blogroll.

Yesterday, I have no idea what a blogroll is so I did some research, which doesn’t require extra effort since the Blogging 101 already has links to everything you need as a newbie. Perfect. However, upon learning how that works I had some really tough time deciding which blogs should I include. Really tough. So instead of getting my head cracked up all night, I chose the automatic blogroll that will appear on the blog. I did not choose anything so I thought those are automatic. I would decide which specific blogs I would include, maybe, some other time. Anyway you can check the automatic blogroll to which I’m talking about on my blog and if there’s anything you can tell me, please do so. I would highly appreciate tips, especially if it’s a simple and specific.

I also did a lot of experiments with some widgets, finally adding the categories cloud-something. I find it appealing. So I guess I might add more categories now to make it look better. The more the merrier, isn’t it?

Finally, I will be doing more of Blogging 101 later on since the internet connection I have an access to at the moment is pretty fast. This is a once-in-a-(lifetime?)week opportunity so I’ll definitely make use of it. Good thing! Today’s assignment is about spending some time reading through the topics I follow or have not yet follow (which I will follow) that intrigued me. Day Fourteen: Deeper Into The Blogosphere starts… now!

Jill ♥


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