Popular Expressions That Really Confuse Me

WHY KITCHEN SINK?! This post really made me laugh! 😀
After reading a very serious-matter-post. This is like a breath of fresh air…. Wait, how about that phrase (a breath of fresh air)?

Blackbird's Nest

Like a boss – Out of all the things to compare yourself to in order to express your level of awesome, why choose a boss? I mean, let’s face it: 99% of people on earth hate their bosses and think they are generally uncool. That’s why I usually say ‘like a flamethrower wielding ninja’ instead. >.>

Quitting Cold Turkey – I genuinely don’t understand this one. I know what it’s supposed to mean, but… I don’t understand why these particular words mean what everyone knows they mean. Maybe because English is my second language and there’s no such expression in Portuguese vocabulary (not a popular one at least). So… Are turkeys the animals most successful at overcoming addiction or something? What are they even addicted to? If someone actually knows where this comes from, can you please tell me? I really want to know! :/

Everything But The Kitchen Sink…

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