Thoughts and Purpose (10-Minute Free-Writing)

I created a blog to have a place where I can talk non-stop about my feelings and thoughts.

Thoughts about anything. It doesn’t have to be sensible, I told myself. Whether it’s about a book that I love, or a song that I’ve been listening to or just about the places I’ve been to. My purpose was very simple – create a space in the web where I can talk freely.

As I go deeper into the blogosphere, I realized that there are more about blogging than having your words published in the web.

It’s about people. Their feelings. Their experiences. Their life stories. You get to know a lot of people in WordPress. When I say know people, it’s not the usual “Do you know (insert-name here?)”, said he. “Yeah, we’re friends on (insert SNS here), said she.” kind of thing. On WordPress, you get to know a person more than knowing his name. Sometimes, the name is not even listed on the blog. But it doesn’t matter because you know his/her story. The kind of life he/she has. The little things that bothers him/her. The principles in life he/she upholds. It’s wider and more closer to the realities of life because you just don’t get the picture. Or the face. You get waht’s inside the mind. The heart. And as you move along, you get to know more people who are unbelievably very much like you. Not like you in a scientific-kind of way. The dorky side of you. The humblest side of you. You are exposing yourself to the world and you realized you’re not the only brave one who does it. It’s really helpful to know that the thoughts, feelings and experiences could still be similar despite the major differences in culture and primary language.

Yes, I created a blog to have a place where I can talk non-stop about my feelings and thoughts.

Now, I will continue blogging because I do want to know yours.



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