Halloween in Our Town

Long before I have an access to TVs, movies, Google-searching and stuffs, I had no idea about trick-or-treats.

I don’t know if some of the kids here in the Philippines are doing this trick-or-treats during Halloween but in our town, we never  get to experience it.

I live in a small town in the province which is often referred to as the Rice Bowl of the PhilippinesNueva Ecija,  located in Central Luzon region. Our province is considered to be the largest producer of rice in our country. You can imagine seeing a lot of rice field when you visit our place. Now why do I have to mention this? Well, it has something to do with Halloween.

You see, we have a different tradition of celebrating Halloween. It doesn’t include wearing costumes and going to houses to collect candies or other treats. You don’t even have to wear a costume when you visit a house. You will get out of the house without a bag of treats but one thing is for sure, you cannot leave the house without your stomach being full.

Every time Halloween approaches, my mother (and the rest of the mothers and fathers in town) would make sure that we have malagkit (sticky) rice. It is the main ingredient for the foods that will be prepared during All Saint’s day. What foods? Rice Cakes. In different varieties. Different colors. Different textures. Different flavors. Different additional ingredients. All made of rice. I know I am really not good with writing about foods in a way that will make the readers hungry but I tell you this rice cakes? It’s the best. I Googled some picture so I can share one for you. Here’s how it looks :

Photo credits to Gerilyn Gonzales from Pinterest.

Assorted Kakanin (Rice Cakes) Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

Assorted Kakanin (Rice Cakes). Phoyo credits to Loren Chase. (Pinterest)

Assorted Kakanin (Rice Cakes). Disclaimer: I do not own this picture.

Note: I don’t know how Pinterest works (where I get those pictures) so instead of putting the name of upload-er, I just put on a disclaimer. Just to be safe.

So back to what I’m telling you, does it looks delicious?

Yes? Mind you, it’s more delicious than it looks.

No? Come to our house on November 1st and let’s see if you will stick to that statement afterwards.

Jill ♥


7 thoughts on “Halloween in Our Town

  1. Wonderful and very interesting article! The rice cakes look DELICIOUS! Here in the U.S. when I think of rice cakes, I think of the dry, cardboard-ish cylindrical cakes. I must find a picture and show you! I am a big fan of sticky rice, as I am half Japanese! 🙂 I would love to learn more about rice cakes in the Philippines! How do you make them so pretty? What kinds of seasoning or other ingredients do you use to give them flavor? (Do you make lumpia too?!)

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