A Much Readable Theme For Me

You might have noticed (or maybe not) that I’ve been changing Themes for the last few days. Slightly for fun but mainly because my eyesight problems are kind of in a worsening state.

I knew it’s bound to happen since I’ve had mild problems reading what’s on the board since last-last year of schooling. However, my savings is not yet enough to buy myself a decent contact lenses (I think I prefer them than glasses, still weighing options though). So, for my blog, I’ve been looking for Themes that have high readability. I’ve been having a hard time reading things on (or in? No, I don’t think it’s in) the computer now.

I found this Pink Touch 2, which is both readable and fun. The texts are in good (darker or bolder) shade of black which makes it easy for me when I am re-reading my posts for corrections (if you’re reading this, you know what I mean). Though Pink is not my favorite color (mine is Blue), but for this theme, I can say Pink looks fine. It adds a bit brightness on the whole package. But a good shade (something as vibrant as this Pink) of Blue should look good with this as well though. Maybe, I’ll try that next time.

Regarding my eyesight problem, I think I might deal with it this November. Especially it’s nearing Christmas.

I wish to elaborate but I’m really hungry at this moment so I’ll go out and eat something. Just anything to make me feel full again.

JIll ♥


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