Hard To Believe (10-minute Free Writing)

It was my 15-minute break at work and I checked my phone for any messages. I have one. “Congrats!!!!!!” the message read. My mind was racing. Is this true? Did I really passed? Am I really going to graduate now? This March? I can’t believe it!

I felt my hands shaking as I dial my friend’s number who took the exam as well and is always present in school to check. She confirmed it to me. She passed as well. We passed! Tears started to flow from my eyes. After all the hard work, (finally!) I am going to graduate in college! It was the perfect time to say “words are not enough to express how I feel.” I immediately sent a message to my mom. I was still crying as I typed the message. She was more than happy I know, but her reply was very simple.

“Salamat sa DIYOS.” (Thanks be to GOD.”)

I went back to work with tears still apparent in my eyes. Of course, I told my colleagues about the news. They were happy for me. Very happy, indeed.

I have my plans now. I still need to talk to our college dean about it because I am currently employed. I cannot leave my job, yet. PLus, I know I have not saved enough for my review. That will take a lot of money (tuition fees, rental, food, allowance, etc. ). Anyway, I’m more comfortable now. I know God has plans for me as well. And He will never leave me. I just need to be brave and believe that there’s always a way. Never mind the problems that will come. Remember what Hagrid told Harry:

“What’s comin’ will come, an’ we’ll meet it when it does.”

So we’ll meet.

Hoping for the best,

Jill ♥

(This is a response to the Daily Prompt. To view the Prompt, click here. )


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