The Female Version of Bill for another Harry Potter Moment of the Week! I missed the last week’s and some, I think (after my first entry). Anyway, this week’s meme is :

Which Weasley character would you be?

This is quite hard actually since not all the Weasleys were given that much exposure as Ron so that’s maybe the reason why most of the answers (and the Uncorked Thoughts, herself) answered Ron.

It took me some time to consider everything that I’ve read about the Weasleys- their individuality and everything to answer. And I guess my answer would be Bill Weasley. I’d be her female version.

Do we have similarities? Character-wise, I think it was that he has good grades at school, a leader, but not pompous like Percy. I really feel sorry if I sound like I’m building up myself here. Modesty (and bragging) aside, I think I did well in school (college not included ha-ha). From Pre-School to High School, I’m a consistent honor student and an active leader. I read books, follow school rules, been on top a couple of times in my school but you won’t really get that idea right away if you see me. I don’t wear glasses like the regular geeks. (No offense meant here to all the geeks out there.) If it’s Friday (civilian clothes day, when you can wear anything appropriate other than school uniform), I wear plain shirt, jeans and sneakers. I don’t have the money to buy myself a boots made of leather (or of dragon hide for that matter) but I’d love to.

He’s cool, according to Harry. I don’t think I’m that cool but if being an active performer (I joined dance performances and acting competitions before which won) were within the scope of what we can consider as cool, I think I’ll pass.

Another similarity is he being observant and keen on character-reading and understanding how people behave. He showed it on The Deathly Hallows. Remember how he told Harry to be careful with how he deals with Goblins? He had a thorough understanding of how they behave (though they’re not technically human). It is something. You may say it is only because he works with them etc, etc. But not all people will have that kind of understanding, right? He had noticed that Harry is up to something with Griphook and his guess was correct. I think that’s another thing we have in common. Me, being observant and noticing things.

But whether I’d marry a part-veela guy in the future or not, I can only hope for the best. 🙂

Jill ♥


Let me hear your thoughts, too. :)

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