Waiting Outside The Lines

“Good things come to those who wait.” Do you agree? How long is it reasonable to wait for something you really want? – Daily Prompt

Yes, I agree. There are many things that are worth waiting for in the world, rushing it could sometimes turn a spectacular event into a disaster. So why not wait?

While I hold this principle true with my life and let some important things happen when it does (like entering in a relationship and stuffs), I am not really good in waiting. Whether it’s in a fast-food chain waiting for my turn to order, or the accounting-cashier-registrar process during enrollment (where the line is always blockbuster with students and parents alike) or in any government agency where I needed to get this and that form as a requirement – I suck at the waiting department. I have very little patience.

One hour is okay. I understand that I am not the only human who needs whatever it is and all these people in the line are there for the same reason as I have. Two hours? Maybe I can still manage it. I usually have a biscuit in my bag wherever I go in any case I was stuck somewhere I have something to eat. If two hours of waiting is for a school/work requirement that I needed to get, I’ll just eat a biscuit and wait. Three hours? Apart from the thing I came for, you won’t hear me talk about anything else at this time. For someone as talkative as me, it scared a hell out of my friends when I don’t talk. It means I’m trying to be calm. Four? Five? Six hours? If you’re with me, make sure I’m still with you because I would have gone somewhere then. I just can’t stay at one place for several hours without any good reason. I can’t even finished this post. My brain is kind of slow in processing my thoughts. Can’t wait.

Jill ♥

P.S. The title of this post is so irrelevant, I know. I just love the song with this title by Greyson Chance. And it has the word waiting on it so why not used it? *wink*


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