Justify Please?

Something’s bothering me ever since I started blogging and reading posts on WordPress. It’s not really personal. More of a technical aspect on blogging. I think I’m just taking it personally because of a past, unacceptable experience.

I’m talking about the Justify tool.

Firstly, I became obsessed about Justifying text on a Microsoft Word document ever since I’ve received the lowest grade in an essay. All because I wasn’t able to Justify the text/document. It was a very disgraceful feeling. I was confident when I submitted that homework essay because I put all my heart in it. Every bit of effort was wasted because of a technical issue. And I wasn’t that knowledgeable regarding this certain tools on Word, during that time. When I received my paper back, it took me several minutes to comprehend what I actually saw. 75%? That’s the boundary between a fail and a pass grade. I’m not the type of student who would approach a teacher because of a grade issue and complain. However, it bothered me so much because I felt like I’ve been, robbed of a high and deserving grade. So I went to the teacher. Asked in an innocent-kind of way that doesn’t sound accusatory. And he told me that I should have Justified the text. And I didn’t know what Justifying a text meant before. Of course, I didn’t ask my teacher about it. It’s embarrassing. I just let him thought I forgot to and did my own research. You know. Googled about it.

I realized then that it was really good if you Justify a text. It would look nice and it’s more readable. I know that we have this “Subject Over Form” principle when it comes to writing but it doesn’t hurt if you keep your texts aligned. Really. There’s a great deal of difference when you look at it.

I always notice if a post is Justified or not. To be honest, it’s the first thing I would notice after reading the title.

It feels good that I finally post something about this. It’s been haunting me ever since. Imagine telling a really good writer (or a power blogger), “Hey, Mr. / Ms. Awesome blogger, can you Justify your text so it would look better?” And what should I received as a response, “Mind your own blog (or something).”? Who am I?

Hoping for the best,

Jill ♥

P.S. I’ve read an instruction on how to justify a text here. Funny thing is, the whole post is not justified as well. Oh life.


Let me hear your thoughts, too. :)

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