Why Did I Change My Site Title

I’ve been using the Not Really A Blogger site title ever since I’ve started blogging. I named it as such because I really had no idea about being a blogger before. Not that I know everything about blogging right now, I just realize that my site deserves a more, ah… appropriate title. When I say appropriate, I mean, the title should at least imply what kind of posts are available in my blog. Or what kind of posts should people expect from my blog. So to set the right expectations, I’ve decided to change it to *drum rolls* :

Thoughts Revisited

Why though? What’s with this title?

According to my dear friend, Merriam Webster , Revisit also means “to think about or look at (something) again”. Writing my thoughts in a blog felt like revisiting my thoughts, too. It crossed my mind once. Writing it down means I’m thinking about it again. Because you can’t write without thinking, right?  Anyway, I have no intention to discuss the science of how our brain works but I hope you get what I mean. So I’ve changed it.

Do you think I’ve made the right move? Or should I just stick with my old site title?

Hoping for the best,

Jill ♥


Let me hear your thoughts, too. :)

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