Having 2Ps: Preparation and Prayer

I’m surprised to know that my (WordPress) account is still working. God knows how often I want to start blogging again but things that are more important as of the moment really needs my full attention.

After resigning at my previous work and graduating with Bachelor of Science in Accountancy degree (working student here!), I am now a full-time reviewee in a review school here in Manila for the CPA board exam. There were a lot of changes in my daily routine that I had to deal with since for 9 months I worked at graveyard shift (yes, I was a call center agent back then). Even though I resigned two months ahead before the actual review to prepare, it was just not enough. (My mind is still more active during the night.) I’m planning on doing some research on that, too. Something like ‘how-to-change-your-body-clock-status-after-changing-it-for-9-months’.

Anyway, the 2Ps above was shared by one of my reviewers – Preparation and Prayer.

I don’t think I can share anything yet about how I’m preparing for the exam. I just put all my efforts everyday and pray that this is God’s will for me. That I become a CPA and live the life I dreamed for my family. So much for drama… I will be back again (bloggiing, I mean) after the board exam (that is on October) and I will be more active that time. That is not a promise to myself but more of a goal. I will need to have the so-called ‘reformatting’ by that time.

Hoping for the best,

Jill ♥


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